Bichons A La Chi Chi

About Us

Here at Bichons A La ChiChi, we take pride in our Bichons. Our world has revolved around the Bichon Frise dog breed for over 15 years.

The name, Bichons A La Chi Chi, was chosen to honor our beloved dam, Chi Chi, (french for Frills and Fluff) who was our special traveling partner and whose cheerfulness captured our hearts.

Cheryl and her daughter Rachelle easily found expression within the Bichon world.  Rachelle developed a love of socializing and training our Bichons and Cheryl developed a love for grooming them with artistic flair. 

We enjoy our time with our Bichons while taking them for walks, introducing them to the world and playing with them as they frolic together around us.  And, we especially enjoy grooming them.  

The grooming experience is more than a spa treatment for our Bichons.  And even more than a one on one bonding experience!   It's Cheryl's art!  Bichons A La Chi Chi is a living art sculptures of grace and beauty. 

Needless to say, each Bichon has their own personality which adds to the final expression of their beauty.

Not only is it a great feeling working as a creative team with our Bichons, but its glorious to touch and feel their white fluffy coats while working with them. 

We encourage all Bichon Lovers to experience the artistic expression of their Bichon Frise and to indulge themselves in the brushing, the bathing, the blow drying, the scissor sculpting and the magic of getting Bichoned!

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